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FäktByrån är officiell svensk återförsäljare för SPES Historical Fencing. 

OBS: Denna produkt är anpassad för HEMA.

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Mitten Gloves NG 800N have a characteristic design, which makes them stand out from the other models from our webshop.

This model is dedicated for both advanced users and beginners. Their universal size makes them also appropriate for men and women.

Mittens gloves are designed for HEMA training of low intensity, especially with the use of one-handed simulators, like our SPES Sabre Blue.


Mittens have only one separate finger - a thumb. They are made of black fabric, with synthetic grey leather on the inner side.

Gloves cover the whole hand with the wrist, closing the space between fingers. They are made from a composite of 800N puncture resistance. Additionally, they have a layer of felt and so-called “intelligent foam” with very good cushioning properties.

The simple design makes our Mittens comfortable and easy to use. Synthetic leather gives a convenient, secure grip.


Gloves in the past

One-finger gloves gained their popularity centuries ago as training gear, and not only. Historical sources (especially from the Middle Ages) present various depictions of gloves worn by both civilians and knights.

They were also part of an armor. In the early medieval period - as chainmail gloves - but also later, replaced by leather gloves with metal plates.

But most commonly, mittens were used as working gloves. Their construction gave hand a proper protection guard from external factors.

Gloves from the finding of Staraya Ladoga (8th-10th century period) are made of fur with hair inside, which suggests they were worn in low temperatures. Another example of Mittens gloves (this time used for archery) was found on the Mary Rose ship wreck (the property of Henry VIII, sunk in 1545). It is assumed that the remains belonged to royal archers.


This innovative product was created with the use of 800N composite and 3D mesh.


Palm girth (A)~24cm
Wrist to end of middle finger (B)~20cm
Wrist to end of thumb (C)~15cm





Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

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