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FäktByrån är officiell svensk återförsäljare för SPES Historical Fencing. 

OBS: Denna produkt är anpassad för HEMA.

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Leather gloves stylized as medieval gloves for a courtier. A pair of these historical gloves will work as a beautiful addition to a historical costume.

Each of our courtier gloves have five fingers. We make them from beautiful cowhide of yellow color. This model of medieval gloves is made of one layer of soft, thin leather without lining. They are finished with hand stitching around cuffs.

These historical gloves for a courtier are lightweight and easy to put on. They work well as a complement of an outfit which underlines one's social status.


In order to match the size of HEMA gloves to your hand, please review the chart below:

SizePalm girth 
S - 821,5 cm 
M - 923,5 cm
L - 1025,5 cm

Product may have imperfections typical for natural leather. The historical gloves may slightly differ in leather tone.


Courtier’s medieval gloves in historical sources

Similar medieval gloves can be found in numerous historical sources. One example is the 14th century Codex Manesse, which is the most important collection of German poetry from the medieval period.

There is an image presenting Conrad of Hohenstaufen with an eagle during a hunt, and one can notice similar gloves worn by this character. Codex Manesse is kept in the library of Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg.


Glove-making – what is it?

A craft which dealt with making leather gallantry was glove-making. It is one of the oldest crafts, which is proven by numerous findings from all Europe.

Not all medieval towns had standalone glove-makers guilds. Part of this work was taken by other crafts focused on leather accessories. In the 18th century a mass production of gloves was shaped.

Luxurious items of this kind were made of leather of animal origin: goat, sheep, calf, or deer. An outer layer had to be thin in order to fit a hand shape, especially female ones.

In the past, gloves were worn not only as a cover againts cold, but mostly as a decoration. They played an important role during religious and secular events, having mostly visual aspects.


Gloves in the Middle Ages

Gloves in the past were a symbol of law and authority. Wearing garments and items made of leather was a privilege and only some people could afford to wear beautifully made and decorated gloves.

Gloves played an important role during medieval customs, for example a vassal handed a glove, a cane, or a facsimile. Formerly there was a tradition of throwing a glove in order to challenge someone.


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